McCardle Slams Labour's Ignorance

  • Peter McCardle

Employment Minister Hon Peter McCardle today welcomed the Governor of the Reserve Bank's clarification of his submissions yesterday on the Community Wage to Parliament's Finance and Expenditure committee.

"Governor Brash has flatly denied reports that he said the Community Wage scheme would displace jobs," said Mr McCardle.

"Anyone who is genuinely interested in the Government's efforts to get the long-term unemployed back into good work habits, and ultimately the workforce, would know that Community Wage workers will be carrying out community work that would otherwise not be done.

"It follows, therefore, that there will be no displacement of real jobs and no effect on wages.

"Labour and other critics are demonstrating their ignorance in promoting the falsehood that the Community Wage will displace real jobs. This willingness to distort the facts, instead of actively working towards improving the well-being of New Zealanders, clearly illustrates Labour's policy vacuum," concluded the Minister.