Maths and Science Taskforce to Get Down to BusinessMaths and Science Taskforce to Get Down to Business

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education

Members of the Maths and Science Taskforce charged with providing practical advice about how to lift the maths and science results of school students will start work this week.

Education Minister Wyatt Creech today announced the membership of the Taskforce which includes teachers, practitioners and academics from across the country and across the education sector.

"We have sought a range of talents from a range of people, who will pool their thoughts about how best to provide teachers with the resources they need to improve the maths and science performance of our young people," Mr Creech said.

"I want the group to supplement the work the Ministry of Education has already done in the development of the new Maths and Science Curricula."

The Education Minister announced last month that he was setting up the Taskforce following concerns about the performance of 8 and 9 year olds in an international maths and science study.

The Third International Maths and Science study showed they performed below average in maths, and slightly above average in science.

"We need to do better. I hope the work of the experts we have called together will provide a significant step towards raising the sights of our young people in these two areas.

"The new maths and science curricula have been designed to improve achievement in the two subjects. The Taskforce will help identify the kinds of support that will best help teachers teach maths and science."

The group will initially meet three times and then act as a reference group as new resources to support the curriculum are developed.

The first meeting is on Thursday August 14. Associate Education Minister Brian Donnelly will also participate in the meetings.

"We have drawn together experts to give their insight into the most appropriate balance of book resources and further training for classroom teachers. They will also advise on the special needs of Maori and Pacific Island students and whether teachers should adopt different approaches for these students.

"The group will work intensively to help the Education Ministry develop appropriate and quality support materials for the teaching of the maths and science curriculum."



(further details available on request)

Ann Anaru - Western Heights School, Rotorua
Dr Robyn Baker - Science Lecturer, Wellington College of Education
Barbara Benson - Science Lecturer, Dunedin College of Education
Sue Brown - Kapanui School, Waikane
Professor Megan Clark - Victoria University
Chris Brough - Knighton Normal School, Hamilton
Judith Evans - Totara Drive School, Masterton
Warren Johnston - Mathematics Adviser, Wellington College of Education
Murray Lucas - Deputy Principal Horowhenua College, Levin
Tevita Mafi - rincipal Wymondley Road School, Otara
Ruth McIlwrick - North East Valley Normal School, Dunedin
Gary Nathan - Mathematics Advisor, Auckland College of Education
Bill Noble - Principal Fairfield Intermediate School, Hamilton
Tony Sissons - Principal Southwell Independent School, Hamilton
Kit South - Pine Hill School, Dunedin
Pat Stempa - Retired teacher, Upper Hutt
Jan Wallace - Mathematics Adviser, Auckland College of Education
Ginnie Warren - Aranui Primary School, Christcurch
Heidi Wellhan - Hillcrest Normal School, Hamilton
David Whalley - Education Review Office, Auckland
Ken Williams - Principal, Te Atatu Intermediate, Auckland