• Wyatt Creech

The Education Minister is taking the next step in the decision making process on the merger of Massey University and Wellington Polytechnic by seeking submissions from the public and interested groups.

Massey University and Wellington Polytechnic have presented an application to the Minister to disestablish Wellington Polytechnic and amalgamate it with Massey University.

"The institutions argue that there are strong merits in the merger proposal, by giving students access to a broader range of fields of study and a choice of campus-based university education in Wellington.

"The proposal warrants further investigation," Mr Creech said.

"Before any decisions can be made I am required under the Education Act to consult with other groups. I urge other tertiary institutions, interested parties and individuals to make a written submission on the plan by 21 November 1997."

Submissions should be sent to the Ministry of Education.

"Once the submissions have been analysed I will be in a position to decide whether the merger should be given the green light," Mr Creech said.