Maori Families Need To Take Responsibility

  • Georgina te Heuheu
Associate Minister of Health

"It's time Maori families took the lead, took responsibility for their own health" said the Hon Georgina te Heuheu today when opening the Te Hua o te Whanau Conference on Maori Health at Massey University today.

"If we are to improve Maori health status then we must start in our own homes and communities", the Minister said. "Many of the health problems which plague us are avoidable if we are prepared to change some of our lifestyle practices."

"It is not just a Maori problem, the health of our country depends on the health of Maori people" she said. "The good health of Maori people depends upon the support of all New Zealanders, it's essential to our shared future."

The Te Hua o te Whanau Conference is a one day conference on the social, economic and cultural determinants which impact on Maori family health and development. Is was held at the School of Maori Studies, Massey University, Palmerston North today.