Mangere-Otara School Support Strategy Vindicates

  • Brian Donnelly
Education Review Office

Today's release of a school support strategy for schools in Mangere and Otara vindicates the Education Review Office's report on schooling in those suburbs, according to the Minister responsible for ERO Brian Donnelly.

"It also proves that the Government will listen to ERO when it criticises policy and suggests changes."

In August last year ERO reported on the state of education in Mangere and Otara and suggested suburb-wide solutions to help schools. ERO concluded that only 20% of schools in the area were providing an effective education for their students, while another 42% were performing very poorly or under-performing.

The ERO report acknowledged that all 45 schools are in disadvantaged socio-economic areas, but the fact that some schools were performing effectively showed that schools could overcome that disadvantage.

"Some schools, teachers and principals who were on the receiving end of ERO's criticism reacted very negatively, and maintained that the problems were too big for them to overcome."

"They ignored ERO's suggestions, focusing instead on the criticism."

"However, ERO was on the right track. That is reinforced by the fact that most of ERO's key recommendations are included in the Mangere-Otara strategy."

"This Project also undermines the arguments of those who maintain that ERO's methodology is wrong and its emphasis on student achievement is misplaced, especially in disadvantaged areas."

"This Mangere-Otara initiative is a very significant move, which would not have happened without the ERO report."

"This strategy will give all the children of the area a chance for a decent education, no matter which school they go to."

"That is the right of every child, not just the ones who live outside Mangere and Otara."