Making Education Work for Maori

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education

The Government's Education Strategy for Maori is about to take another step forward, through a series of regional meetings to gather information from communities.

"A key issue for New Zealand's economic and social development is to eliminate the present disparities and gaps in participation and achievement in education," the Ministers said.

"One of the Government's major priorities in education is to improve education results for Maori students. While significant numbers of Maori achieve well in the education system, far too many do

The Ministries of Maori Development and Education are about to embark on a series of 23 meetings across the country to involve communities and gather their views about why and where they think education is working or not working for Maori students.

"We want to hear from families, parents and communities. They are the ones who are the key to success with out Maori education policies.

"While considerable work is underway, we must have communities and parents involved as we develop other new policies for the Education Strategy for Maori. Decisions should be made next

"We want to see that Maori students receive an education that is as good as those achieved by any other New Zealander."

The meetings start in Invercargill on the 18 November and run until 18 December 1997.