Make a New Year Resolution to Get Ready

  • Rick Barker
Civil Defence

Civil Defence Minister Rick Barker today urged New Zealanders to add two things to their list of New Year resolutions.

"The first is for families to make sure they have a Household Emergency Plan, and the second is to assemble an Emergency Survival Kit with enough supplies to last three days or more," said Rick Barker.

“Events such as this year's Canterbury snowstorms are a timely reminder that in an emergency essential services could be disrupted and communities can become isolated.

“Sitting down with your family and discussing potential hazards and how you will cope can save lives, and greatly reduce the anxiety and stress when disasters happen.

"In the event of a major disaster, the reality is that help cannot get to everyone as quickly as they may need it. It is in the immediate aftermath of a disaster that individuals and families will be most vulnerable.

“That is why it is so important for individuals and families to make sure they have the essential emergency items to cope on their own," said Rick Barker.

Rick Barker says many of the items that are on the list are likely to be items you already have at home – torches, radio, batteries, food and water, alternative cooking such as a barbeque.
“You don’t have to have them packed away in a bag untouched, as long as you check that you do have the essential items, and can find them easily (and in the dark maybe) during a disaster," said Rick Barker.

A list of the items can be downloaded from the website.