Maintenance work makes properties healthier

  • Paula Bennett
Social Housing

Housing New Zealand’s maintenance programme is making its properties warmer and healthier for vulnerable New Zealanders, Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says.

Upgrades have been completed at 2,869 properties since June. Just in the past week, maintenance teams have completed 761 responsive repairs, and 131 minor capital works which include things like upgrading insulation.

“Improvements to Housing New Zealand’s properties are making a real difference to the lives of those who most need our help,” says Mrs Bennett.

“Properties are being made warmer with the installation of over 1,750 heaters and 3,214 sets of thermal drapes. Carpet has also been installed in 2,102 properties.

Mechanical ventilation has been installed in kitchens in 2,309 properties, and in bathrooms in 2,226 properties, meaning tenants will have an easier time keeping their homes healthy and dry.

“Improving the quality of social housing is a big priority for this Government, and this maintenance work is a crucial part of Housing New Zealand’s business-as-usual programme to upgrade its properties,” Mrs Bennett says.

“Ministers have made it clear that we expect Housing New Zealand to prioritise maintenance focused on improving warmth and dryness in properties, and I’m pleased with the staff’s dedication to making this happen.

“Most importantly, tenants are appreciating the work, with one taking the time to write and tell Housing New Zealand what a blessing it is to have a lovely warm home after a heat pump was installed in her house.”

Housing New Zealand will spend close to $300 million this year maintaining and upgrading its properties, which includes both planned maintenance and responding to requests from tenants.