Maharey Misinformed or Mischievous

  • Max Bradford

Accusations that New Zealand has declined an invitation to attend an ILO committee in Geneva tomorrow are mischievous and misinformed, Labour Minister Max Bradford said from Geneva today.

"Contrary to Labour's inaccurate assertions, New Zealand representatives will attend tomorrow's Application of Standards committee to discuss New Zealand's position on Convention 17, Workmen's Compensation for Accidents (1925)," Mr Bradford said.

"All Mr Maharey is demonstrating is that he is completely misinformed or simply being mischievous and deliberately misleading."

The Application of Standards Committee was considering "transgressions" by at least 30 other countries this week, so New Zealand was not alone in finding difficulties with the ILO's bureaucratic and prescriptive approach, Mr Bradford said.

"New Zealand is true to the principles of the ILO, but can not slavishly conform to the ILO's prescriptive and at times outdated processes."

Mr Bradford has spent this week in Geneva attending the ILO Plenary and meeting Labour Ministers from other countries. He delivered New Zealand's statement to the ILO on Tuesday, calling for the ILO to reform in order to be relevant to today's world.