• Roger Sowry
Social Welfare

Of the 23,657 care and protection notifications reported to the Children, Young Persons and their Families Service last financial year, 80% proceeded to full investigation, says Minister of Social Welfare, Hon. Roger Sowry.

These 23,657 notifications related to 16,768 children.

"Of these 16,767 children, 6,549 were found to have been severely affected by abuse and neglect. A further 4,210 children were found to have substantiated behaviour, relationship difficulties or self harm requiring services. For the remaining 6,008 children no abuse or neglect was found upon investigation.

"The figures for notifications, 23,657 cannot be related as Mr Maharey does, with the number of children involved as clearly any one child may be the subject of multiple notifications.

"These figures clearly demonstrate that the Service is meeting and responding to the needs of vulnerable New Zealand children," says Mr Sowry.

Last financial year the NZ Community Funding Agency funded $54.8 million to organisations providing services to families in need of support.

"These organisations provide another whole level of support for vulnerable families in our communities and are a vital component of child protection. "CYPFS's role is to provide the very best professional service to families with the most dysfunction. The reality is that in many cases it is more appropriate that a case is referred to a community provider for ongoing support.

"I believe that intervention by the State into a child's life should be the final option for any family," says Mr Sowry.