Mackenzie Country Trust established

  • Nicky Wagner

Associate Conservation Minister Nicky Wagner is today signing a deed officially establishing the new Mackenzie Country Trust, which implements the vision and strategy of the 2013 Mackenzie Country Agreement.

“The establishment of the Mackenzie Country Trust provides a way forward for the Mackenzie Agreement and puts the future of the Mackenzie Basin firmly in the hands of local communities,” Ms Wagner says.

“Formally establishing the Trust has required hard work from those involved, and I congratulate all parties for their commitment and tenacity during this process.

“The Trust is made up of individuals and organisations representing the area’s many and varied interests including farming, conservation, tourism and recreation. In addition to those represented, the Trust will continue to engage with local communities including iwi.

“It is appropriate that the trust has a strong local voice alongside those of national organisations. I am pleased to see the high calibre of the trustees who are respected leaders in their own right.

“Collaboration is the key to uniting the different interests in the Mackenzie Basin and achieving positive outcomes for the communities and the land that sustains them. The Trust paves the way for a win-win in the Mackenzie.

“The ultimate outcome will be that the local communities thrive and that this outstanding landscape remains protected and able to be enjoyed by all New Zealanders.

“It is, therefore, my very great pleasure to sign this deed today. The Trust can count on my future commitment to support them,” Ms Wagner says.