Māori advisory group on family violence and sexual violence starts work

  • Jan Logie

The Māori advisory group to the Government’s joint venture on family violence and sexual violence began their work today at their first meeting in Wellington.

“Te Rōpū marks a significant change to the way Government works with Māori to address some of our most complex and difficult problems,” says Jan Logie. “It brings together a wide range of expertise from across the motu.

“Our work to stop family violence and sexual violence is critical, and needs Māori leadership. There are a few ways we can do that, and we didn’t want to make that decision unilaterally. That’s why this interim group has been appointed.

“We want people who are grounded in Māori communities and have a huge breadth of experience and knowledge of these issues to be making that call.”

“We know that it’s imperative we learn from kaupapa Māori responses to violence, and unlock the solutions that are already out there, because they work.

The interim group will work in partnership with government Ministers and the joint venture on family violence and sexual violence to develop a national strategy and action plan, and inform enduring arrangements for Māori involvement in the Government’s work in this area.

Prue Kapua, the Chair of Te Rōpū, says “The members of the interim Te Rōpū are committed to working in partnership with the Crown to facilitate the development and implementation of appropriate Māori responses to family and sexual violence in our communities. 

“Statistics show the system has failed, and Te Rōpū signals a step-change in the way the Crown is working with us to incorporate Māori focussed solutions and aspirations for reducing sexual violence and violence within whānau.”