• John Luxton

The signing of the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jim Bolger, today was welcomed by the Minister of Commerce, Hon John Luxton.

The Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement is based on the principles that any good able to be sold legally in New Zealand could be sold legally in Australia, and vice versa; and that any person registered to practise an occupation in New Zealand could practice an equivalent occupation in Australia, or vice versa.

The Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement is good for New Zealand and New Zealanders. It is an important principle as we develop the relationship between our two countries. It will significantly reduce impediments to trade between New Zealand and Australia, Mr Luxton said today.

It has the potential to be of great benefit to New Zealand exporters and to New Zealanders working in Australia. It will reduce the paperwork required in gaining access to that market, provide greater choice for consumers on both sides of the Tasman, mean greater cooperation between New Zealand and Australian regulatory authorities and improve work opportunities.

The arrangement will not come into force until implementing legislation is passed in both the New Zealand and the Commonwealth Parliaments. Mr Luxton said the New Zealand legislation would be introduced soon. This is a significant and welcome step forward for both our countries, Mr Luxton concluded.