• John Luxton
Commerce and Industry

Minister of Commerce, Hon John Luxton, today welcomed the Dairy Section of Federated farmers discussion document, "The Changing Structure of the Dairy Industry".

"I am pleased that Federated Farmers has finally decided to show some leadership in this important issue. To date they have been perhaps more interested in populist politics rather than increasing dairy farmers profits and standards of living.

"Despite what some may have alleged, I have consistently urged farmers to ask questions, look at the risks of their business, and look for ways that they can build on their present structures to enhance their economic position in a fast changing world.

"If dairy farmers don't do this their bright potential will not be reached.

"This Federated Farmers Discussion Paper gives another perspective for farmers to think about. I urge farmers to look closely at this paper. It is important that farmers do this as they evolve their industry into one that is truly a world beater," Mr Luxton concluded.