Luxton Welcomes Call To Review Spending

  • John Luxton

Minister of Commerce, Industry, Fisheries, Lands, and associate Agriculture, Hon John Luxton, today welcomed calls from the Chambers of Commerce, Employers Federation, Federated Farmers, and Manufacturers Federation to cut $100 million in additional industry assistance spending.

Mr Luxton said today, Government spending must remain under control, so that our exporters are not shouldering an overvalued dollar and unnecessary inflated interest rates. This call by the sector groups to review additional spending in their own sector is helpful. Government will investigate this area further, he said.

A large portion of this additional $100 million government spending falls within Mr Luxtons Commerce and Associate Agriculture portfolios.

Mr Luxton is a strong advocate for keeping the cost of government in the economy under control.

It is good to see the business community, who are very concerned about Government spending, leading the way by making suggestions for reducing Government spending that affects them. I hope other sectors who benefit from taxpayer dollars will do the same, Mr Luxton concluded