• John Luxton
Commerce and Industry

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Hon John Luxton today opens a New Zealand designed and developed "top gun" thrill seeking flight simulator in Shenzhen China.

The "Top Gun Flight Simulator Centre" is in the city of Shenzhena, in the south of China, not far from Hong Kong. The opening is a result of an initial export order from the Christchurch company, Simulation Developments Ltd. The initial order is for 4 flight simulators, targeting Chinese with rising incomes who are seeking Virtual Reality thrills.

"For those wanting to be a "Top Gun", this New Zealand technology and innovation is a great way to do it. This simulator is a full "immersive experience" where the difference between reality and virtual reality is blurred. Multiple players can fly against one another or against computer generated opponents over South Island landscapes The simulator has very high level graphics and features full 360 degree continuous rotation in both directions." Mr Luxton said.

Coming from a political background, some might say Mr Luxton is expected to handle the ride with experienced hands.

" Simulation Developments Ltd are to be congratulated for their hard work and kiwi ingenuity that has developed this exciting virtuality reality experience. It shows that New Zealanders can be at the forefront of technology development."

The company hopes that more orders will result from this first Chinese site in the Shenzhen Bay Hotel, thus creating more jobs here in New Zealand.

The official opening will be followed by a cocktail party and dinner attended by the Minister, the Mayor of Shenzhen, other Government officials and dignitaries.

For those New Zealanders wanting a similar virtual experience here in this country, Simulation Developments has a flight simulator centre operating in Christchurch.