Luxton Comments On Indonesia

  • John Luxton
Foreign Affairs and Trade

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hon John Luxton today said, "Renewed tensions on Jakarta and injuries to protesters and security forces alike are of real concern. We do not want to see a return to the violence of May. We call on all parties to exercise restraint and show respect for human rights.

"Indonesia has taken important and welcome steps towards necessary political reforms in recent months. The MPR session, by setting the ground for new elections next year, is an important part of that process. We want to see it move forward in a peaceful and expeditious manner.

"It is very clear that political stability and a smooth transition to new political processes are crucial to Indonesia's economic recovery.

"Our Embassy in Jakarta is monitoring developments and maintaining contact with the New Zealand community there. In light of recent clashes between security forces and protesters New Zealanders in Jakarta should take sensible security precautions such as avoiding protest sites," the Minister concluded.