• John Luxton
Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fisheries Minister, Hon John Luxton, today announced a number of management changes for the new fishing year to address urgent sustainability concerns, and the need to fulfil the Crown's obligations to Maori.

"These decisions have been taken after consultation with all stakeholders, including Maori, recreational and commercial fishers and environmental groups," Mr Luxton said.

The decisions include:

  • Protection measures for the unique seabed community in Spirits Bay and Tom Bowling Bay, Northland
  • Reduced daily recreational bag limits for shellfish in the Coromandel
  • Reduced catch levels for valuable oreo deepwater fish, and
  • Reduction of the commercial catch of Stewart Island paua

Some of the decisions will take effect on 1 October 1999, while other regulatory amendments will come into force during November 1999.