• John Luxton
Fisheries and Aquaculture

Minister of Fisheries, Hon John Luxton today announced that he had approved eleven new species for inclusion in the Quota Management System (QMS).

In the System's most significant expansion since its introduction in 1986, the Fisheries Minister approved the inclusion of:

Scampi, White Warehou, Ruby Fish, Cardinal Fish, Ghost Shark, Yellow Eye Mullet, Sea Perch, Ribaldo, Trumpeter, Frostfish, Southern Blue Whiting

to the previous list of 46 species able to be caught under the QMS by commercial fishers.

With the exception of Southern Blue Whiting, to be added on 1 April 1999, the species will become part of the System by 1 October 1998.

The QMS limits the total annual catch available to commercial fishers and controls access to commercial fisheries. It is the main tool in achieving the Ministry's goal of a creating a sustainable fishery in a healthy aquatic eco-system.

"The inclusion of the species by these dates is part of meeting the Crown's obligations to Maori under the Deed of Settlement as well as its commitments to industry, and follows a period of extensive consultation with industry stakeholders," the Minister said.

"While it is difficult to put a monetary value on adding new species to the QMS, such a move is widely recognised as significantly increasing the value of fishers' catch rights," Mr Luxton said.

The Ministry will continue to consult with Te Ohu Kai Moana, the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council, approved parties and tangata whenua on the process and species for inclusion in the QMS.