• Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

The Lottery Grants Board has agreed to a $200,000 grant to help fund the Kiwi component of next year's Edinburgh Military Tattoo in New Zealand.

The Tattoo will be presented at Wellington's new stadium in March, the first time the event has ever been outside Edinburgh.

Announcing the Lottery grant today, Internal Affairs Minister and Grants Board Chairperson Jack Elder said more than 550 New Zealanders will join with overseas performers at the event.

"This New Zealand `version' of the Tattoo will feature some of our best Maori performing artists, and it will also include a significant contribution from the Cook Islands," he said.

"As well, the Tattoo will serve as a way of communicating New Zealand's military heritage alongside that of other Commonwealth nations."

Mr Elder said bringing this "highly memorable, world-famous event" to New Zealand for the Millennium offers thousands of Kiwis the chance to enjoy it in an affordable and relatively intimate way which would not be possible without travelling to the United Kingdom.

More than 60,000 Kiwis are expected to attend the three Tattoo performances and potentially over one million more will have the chance to experience the event through television coverage.