Lottery Funding Extended For Sport Marae And Arts

  • Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

The Lottery Grants Board will continue to fund high performance sport into the new millennium, the Board Chairperson and Minister of Internal Affairs, Jack Elder announced today.

Funding of $1 per New Zealander has been going into a special Lottery Grants Board Sports 2000 Fund since 1994 and now totals almost $18.3 million. Mr Elder said the initial intention was to wind up the Fund at the time of Sydney Olympics in the year 2000.

"However, Board members have decided it would be short-sighted indeed to stop the funding with Sydney 2000," he said. "We must continue to nurture our young talent if we are to achieve winning performances for New Zealand in the future. We have the Manchester games in 2002 and the Athens Olympics in 2004."

Mr Elder said the Board has indicated to the Hillary Commission, which administers the Fund, it can expect to continue to receive $1 per New Zealander for high performance sport over each of the next three years. Further the Board will decide each year whether to roll it out for a further 12 months to enable the sector to undertake long term planning.

"This measure of funding security will mean regional centres for sport science and coaching services will continue and hopefully will see the retention of our best people," he said.

Mr Elder said the Lottery Grants Board has also taken two other long-term funding decisions agreeing firstly to give $6million to Marae development programmes next year at which time it will review its contribution to this area.

In addition a five-year funding package was agreed for the Arts Foundation of New Zealand from which to establish a capital endowment base.

"The Board is keen to show support for this initiative which will see the arts in this country become more self sufficient," Mr Elder said.

The Arts Foundation will receive $1million annually until the year 2002/3.