Lotteries Funding for Disability Aids

  • Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

Lottery Grants Board chairman and Internal Affairs Minister Jack Elder will be asking the Board to put on hold the decision not to fund disability aids from next July.

The original decision was always based on the belief disability aids should not be dependent on lottery profits, and with the understanding that continued funding would come from alternative governmental sources, Mr Elder said.

"I have now had discussions with Health Minister Bill English and have reluctantly accepted he is not in a position to pick up this responsibility in the new year."

Mr Elder said he could not imagine the Board would reject his recommendation to continue funding disability aids next year.

"They will not want to see a group of disadvantaged New Zealanders cut adrift, and it is my belief we cannot risk these people losing out in the move to a more appropriate long-term funding mechanism."

Mr Elder said the Lottery Grants Board will continue working with Ministry of Health officials with a view to coming up with alternative and innovative ways of helping the country's individuals with disabilities.