Lockwood Smith Applauds Innovation At Kaipara College

  • Lockwood Smith

Rodney MP Lockwood Smith is delighted that Kaipara College in Helensville has been recognised with over a quarter of a million dollars to develop an early intervention programme for at risk students.

The funding of $283,503 has been allocated from a special pool established to encourage innovative approaches for helping kids at risk, and will be delivered over three years.

"The Kaipara College programme will develop and support positive decision-making amongst students considered to be at risk in years 9 through 13. The funding will provide support services, and include outside expertise working in partnership with the school," said Dr Smith.

The programme is being funded from the Innovations Funding Pool which is dedicated to helping at risk students from serious failure.

The Innovations Funding Pool includes programmes such as giving students help outside the classroom environment, literacy and numeracy, and programmes with a Maori focus. There are also programmes for teenage parents, for boys at risk and for outdoor adventure.

The intention of the funding is to add to the education sector's knowledge about effective programmes for students at risk of education under-achievement. The Government has made $1 million available over each of the next three years to fund, evaluate and administer the programmes, and Kaipara College received the largest award from the fund.

Lockwood Smith said while it was not possible to fund every programme that schools put forward, he was sure the community in Hellensville would be very pleased that Kaipara College had been recognised for developing an interesting and exciting approach towards working with students at risk.

"I applaud the Principal and staff of Kaipara College, and I'm particularly pleased to see the school working with outside expertise from the local community. Schools are an integral part of our local community, and I'm encouraged to see this recognised in Kaipara College's programme," Dr Smith concluded.