Local Government Minister welcomes Fonterra's use of STV to elect new Board Directors

  • Sandra Lee
Local Government

Local Government Minister Sandra Lee has welcomed the announcement today that Fonterra's Shareholders' Council has decided that STV, otherwise known as preferential voting, will be used to elect the giant company's new Board Directors, and new Shareholders' Councillors.
"The Fonterra elections will be watched closely by local authorities," Ms Lee predicted. "The outcome of Fonterra's voting, which will run from 30 April to 17 May, will be helpful in highlighting the merits of this voting system."
"I note that the Shareholders' Council considered STV to be 'a fairer and more effective system for electing multiple candidates'," she said. "Fonterra's 'Making your vote count' booklet on the STV system will also serve a useful public education role.
"The government has provided under new local electoral laws that communities will be able to decide whether or not they adopt STV for the next local authority elections in 2004."
Ms Lee said the decision by Fonterra, which produces 20-percent of New Zealand's exports, to use STV showed the voting system had been accepted not only into mainstream politics but also into our corporate culture.