Lions Money to Local Charities

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

Hon Deborah Morris, Minister of Youth Affairs, today presented $30,000 to five Wellington charities working with youth. The money was raised by the Lions Club of Johnsonville.

The Minister thanked the Lions for their great efforts in raising the money and praised the organisations receiving the money for their continued work with young people.

Youthline, Wellington City Mission, Life Education Trust, Head Injury Society and Wellington Early Intervention Trust received money from the Lions Club.

Presenting the cheques the Minister said, "Contrary to popular belief, young New Zealanders, on-the-whole, are doing well. About 95% of young people are getting on with their lives, contributing to and thriving in their communities.

"The transition to adulthood is challenging. Bit by bit young adults begin asserting themselves, making decisions about what's important to them and who they are. Boundaries are pushed, relationships tested and risks taken.

"The challenges that face all youth mean that none of us can be complacent. We have to keep making an effort to work with young people.

"The contribution that many Lions clubs all over New Zealand make to helping young people is tremendous. Fundraising and contributing to the community keeps a range of organisations moving," said Deborah Morris.