Licensing Measures Endorsed

  • Paul East

Attorney-General, Paul East, endorsed licensing measures announced today by the Minister of Transport.

"As a long time advocate of photos on drivers' licences I am pleased the Government has supported the proposal.

I first raised this issue as a new member of Parliament in 1979 and since that time it has been the subject of numerous remits at a number of National Party conferences.

"I have always believed that photos on licences would make life easier for those who have to enforce the law and would also drastically reduce the fraudulent use of licences.

"Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege and at the very least carries with it a requirement that the driver can be properly identified.

"Police will not only be able to identify immediately and accurately the drivers of any motor vehicles they stop but it will also be easier for them to enforce the law prohibiting under age drinking.

"The scheme will enable the business community to identify customers positively. It will also provide protection to rental and hire companies and facilitate the obtaining of credit," said Mr East.