Licence changes take effect today

  • Craig Foss

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss says changes to the Graduated Driver Licensing System (GDLS) coming into force today will encourage drivers and motorcyclists to sit their full licence.

Changes to the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule require drivers or riders sitting their learner or restricted licences to progress to the next stage of the GDLS within five years. Anyone who fails to do so will need to pass another theory test to renew their licence.

“Too many drivers and riders have been staying at the learner or restricted stage indefinitely – that was never the intention of the GDLS,” Mr Foss says.

“The system is designed to enable novice drivers and riders to gradually gain skills and experience and to progress to a full licence within a reasonable period.

“Novice motorists, particularly young people, are over-represented in fatal and serious crashes.

“The five year time limit for learner and restricted licences is part of the Government’s strategy to continue improving driving standards, increasing the safety of young motorists and bringing down the road toll.”

Those on full licences will be unaffected by the change.

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