• Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

The Government is writing to every superannuitant in New Zealand this week to explain how the changes to policies affecting the elderly may affect them, says Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, and Minister of Social Services, Roger Sowry.

"There is currently a lot of uncertainty and incorrect information about what is happening to superannuation and every elderly New Zealander needs to know just what the changes are and how they may be affected.

"These letters make it clear that pensions are not decreasing and will continue to keep pace with the cost of living every year as they have done for years.

"We also clearly explain how the new Superannuation 2000 Taskforce will work to fulfil its single task of seeking a long-term solution to superannuation for not just this generation but for our children and grandchildren.

"Older New Zealanders who need rest home or geriatric hospital care will see clearly just how much more of their income and cash assets they can now keep and still get subsidised care. No New Zealander in New Zealand will be left without care in their old age if they require it.

"It is vital that every one of New Zealand's 474,000 superannuitants know with certainty what assistance from Government they are entitled to both now and in the future," Mrs Shipley and Mr Sowry said.

The letter was produced and posted to individuals at a cost of under $200,000, funded by the Government Departments involved.