Let’s have a safe summer with our animals

  • Hon Meka Whaitiri

Associate Minister of Local Government and Associate Minister of Agriculture with responsibility for Animal Welfare, Hon Meka Whaitiri, is urging all animal owners and the community to remain vigilant this summer.

“As animal owners and children enjoy this summer it is important that everyone is doing their part to make sure  all our animals, including our pets, are safe. We must also prevent any incidents with children.

“For many Kiwi homes, our dogs are members of our whānau. It is only natural that as we gather to celebrate the festive period, children’s playing with their dogs will increase.”

Dog owners should have their dogs on leads at beaches and public places if the council regulations require them.

“Members of the community should make any incidents involving dogs known to their local council.

“Animal owners right across the board have a responsibility to make sure that they are aware of their animals welfare and the safety of those who interact with them.

“Summer is when animal welfare issues can be even more serious because of the heat.  In particular, dog owners should not leave their dogs unattended in cars as they can become heat stressed very quickly; and I’m sure farmers will be taking care to ensure stock have access to adequate shade and drinking water through the hot months ahead,” says Minister Whaitiri.