Legislation to reform New Zealand’s fire services

  • Peter Dunne
Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne has introduced legislation to modernise New Zealand’s fire services by setting up a single fire organisation responsible for urban and rural fire.

“The Bill will strengthen and future-proof our fire services, and ensure they remain connected to our communities.

“This is the most substantial change to the fire sector since the 1940s.

“This modern, comprehensive and enabling Bill will establish a new organisation, Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ), and allow it to adapt as circumstances change.

“We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure every community has the highest standard of service it needs to protect lives and property.

“Our communities across New Zealand deserve a robust and flexible fire service that will serve New Zealand well for many decades”, says Mr Dunne.

Mr Dunne thanked everyone who had been involved in the fire services review that led to this legislation.

“The sector’s readiness for change is due to the time, energy and critical input that so many people have willingly given. I am grateful for the sector’s willingness to embrace these progressive changes”, Mr Dunne said.

The Bill is available via the below link.