• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and Research, Science and Technology Minister Maurice Williamson today launched the Foresight Project to help set priorities for the Government's future science and technology investments.

Mrs Shipley said New Zealand was facing critical questions concerning the challenges and opportunities of the knowledge age.

"In the future, our ability to create and use knowledge will outstrip physical resources as this country's source of wealth.

"The Foresight Project will create a shared view of the future which will enable New Zealanders to prepare for the inevitable changes ahead," Mrs Shipley said

Mr Williamson said New Zealand needed to identify the tools and resources required to have a competitive advantage in the knowledge age.

"Although the future is uncertain, we know that knowledge will underpin our future wealth and well being as a society and a nation.

"First in time, fleet of foot - is the mindset New Zealanders will have to adopt to enjoy the success of a buoyant knowledge age economy and society," Mr Williamson said.