Latest data on cap on core government administration

  • Tony Ryall
State Services

State Services Minister Tony Ryall has today released the fifth six-monthly update on the government's cap on core government administration.

Latest figures from the State Services Commission show the number of full-time equivalent staff positions in the core government administration, as at 30 June 2011, was 36,475 which is 2,384 fewer than when the cap was set as at 31 December 2008.

“The current financial climate makes it even more important for the Government to focus resources on the areas where they will have greatest impact," Mr Ryall said.

"Those agencies delivering frontline services that are not part of the cap have increased their total FTE positions by 2.2% since 2008.  By moving resources to the frontline, we are ensuring New Zealanders receive more efficient services from the Public Service”.

“Ongoing changes in staff positions, such as Conservation and Inland Revenue announced this week, are part of the Government’s ongoing programme to increase the efficiency of the Public Service while delivering better services and are not included in this update. 

These numbers come on top of a series of pragmatic decisions by the Government merging departments and agencies.  These amalgamations alone will deliver savings of $92m over four years, with ongoing savings of $22m per annum” Mr Ryall said.

The cap on core government administration was set at 38,859 full time equivalent staff from December 2008.

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