Latest data on cap on core government administration

  • Tony Ryall
State Services

Minister of State Services Tony Ryall has today released the third six-monthly update on the government's cap on core government administration numbers.

Latest figures from the State Services Commission show the number of full-time equivalent staff positions in the core government administration, as at 30 June 2010, at 36,771 - around 2,100 fewer than when the cap was imposed soon after the election. 

"New Zealand experienced huge growth of the core public service administration under the previous government - out of all proportion to the numbers of frontline public servants like teachers and police," says Mr Ryall. "This government has halted that growth."

"The single biggest cost of running government is the wage bill and in tight financial times taxpayers are concerned with ensuring that resources are well managed.

"Capping the core government administration frees up resources for improved frontline services, which is better value for money for New Zealand taxpayers.

"Many government departments will have little or no increase in baseline funding over the next few years, so there will be further reductions in staff numbers as chief executives manage within their budgets.

"The government is determined that resources will be focused on improving frontline services like health, education and public safety. That means less money for administration overhead. "

The cap on core government administration was set at 38,859 full time equivalent staff from December 2008.

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