Last week to vote in local elections

  • Chris Tremain
Local Government

With eight days until postal voting closes Local Government Minister Chris Tremain is urging people to have a say in the future of their communities.

“If you haven’t completed your voting papers, get on to it today. And if your papers haven’t arrived contact the local electoral officer at your local council,” says Mr Tremain.

“Local government provides crucial community services such as water, roading, and community services. Every three years people have a chance to say how these services are provided. It’s important not to waste it.

“Early indications are that voter turnout so far is low. The trend in low voter turnout is one of the key reasons I am implementing a trial of online voting in 2016. People expect to do business in a digital environment. Online voting will be much easier and will encourage young people to vote. Voting online is the way of the future and the sector is supportive of its implementation.”

Preliminary election results for the local government elections will be available on the evening of 12 October. Official election results, including all validated special votes, will be declared between 17 and 23 October.