Large Improvement In State Sector Y2k Readiness

  • Maurice Williamson

A marked improvement in the Y2K readiness of high impact State sector organisations was welcomed today by Minister responsible for Y2K Maurice Williamson, who said there were still a number of agencies lagging behind.

The State Sector Y2K Report for May, detailing Y2K readiness as at March 1999, showed that of 59 high impact Government agencies, 68 percent were making satisfactory progress.

"This is a huge improvement on the last report, presented to Cabinet in February this year, which showed that only 38 percent had made satisfactory progress in their Y2K planning," Mr Williamson said.

He said that while this was great news, 19 agencies had not reached an adequate standard and one had marginally regressed.

"It's still not too late for these to be compliant by the Year 2000, but they've got a huge amount of work to do and I urge them to make this a top priority.

"The report is good news for the state sector, spoilt to some extent by those who have not kept up with the majority.

"This Government has introduced a number of initiatives and created an environment to counter the Y2K problem, but ultimately the agencies must play their part, as the majority of them have," said Mr Williamson.