• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

"The Labour party is indulging in wishful thinking if it believes New Zealanders will face an early election," Prime Minister-designate Jenny Shipley said today.

"Over the next two years New Zealanders will see good government and the delivery of many common-sense, positive programmes by the National-New Zealand First Government.

"New Zealanders will be able to measure that against the vague promises of the Labour party.

"Labour comes out of its conference making many promises without telling New Zealanders what tax increases will be required to fund them.

"Helen Clark made it clear in her letter to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters last weekend that she doesn't want to see New Zealanders keeping more of their hard-earned cash through tax cuts next year. This weekend she's come up with a wish-list that will cost New Zealanders dearly. She must explain who will pay.

"Labour is deluding itself by suggesting it could govern alone, without a coalition partner. Close analysis shows that is extremely unlikely which raises serious questions about Labour's understanding of politics under MMP.

"I look forward to challenging Labour head on in Parliament from the Prime Minister's seat, before the house rises. Helen Clark's again indulging in wishful thinking to suggest the house will rise before that occurs.

"New Zealanders will go away for their Christmas holidays with a clear view of the difference in approach between the current Government and Labour," Jenny Shipley concluded.