Labour's Foster Parent Claim Fiasco

  • Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

Steve Maharey should check his facts before slating the Children Young People and their Families Service's foster parent scheme, said the Hon Roger Sowry Minister of Social Services, Work and Income.

"There are many hundreds of people foster troubled children who do an outstanding job, and Mr Maharey chose to publicise the Braceys' claims for his own political ends."

"If he had been responsible enough to call my office, or CYPFS before grandstanding, he would not have found himself placed in this position. Other MP's called."

Mr Sowry said he was fed up with Labour's constant undermining of CYPFS and its social workers, who deal with the most difficult and traumatised children in New Zealand.

He said Labour is happy to use families and children who are having serious difficulties for political mileage. "It's a cheap stunt which the public will judge."