• Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

"National creates jobs, others will destroy them. Only with National will jobs continue to be created giving people hope, income, and opportunity to make their own choices," Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said today.

National's direction has created jobs for nearly 280,000 New Zealanders since the early 1990s. It is forecast that we will see another 115,000 over the
next three years, and unemployment will be down to 5.8% by 2002.

"National will continue getting the fundamentals right so that employers have the confidence to take create more jobs and on more workers.

"And our policies are working. In some areas there are more jobs than people. Employers simply can't get enough staff."

The Prime Minister said National has a three point plan to help create jobs:
1. Help bring down the cost of taking someone on. We have done this and will keep on at it (ACC, ECA);
2. Encourage investment in New Zealand. We are doing this by getting our tax and interest rates down; and
3. Make sure New Zealanders have the skills businesses need. Our Bright Futures programme is investing heavily in better linking businesses and
tertiary education to make this happen. We are also setting standards in reading, writing and maths to make sure all of us can get a job and lifting adult literacy.

"We are tackling each of these issues head-on. Others are not, they ?re going in the other direction. Increasing the costs of employment, discouraging
investment in NZ and not addressing the real issues in our education system.

"The policies of Labour and the Alliance will put businesses out of work or drive them offshore. Even Jim Anderton's brother was nervous about Jim appearing at his factory because he is nervous about what Jim might do if he ever gets into government.

"Labour and the Alliance are making wild claims about how small amounts of spending by government will suddenly create huge numbers of jobs.

"This is rubbish. The truth is that for each job created out of Government spending another will be destroyed by the increased tax and debt required to pay for it.

"Make a positive choice for lower taxes, growth and jobs. Labour taxes success. National rewards success. 40% of Labour MPs have union links. They
won't be working for you.

"Under Labour and Alliance you'll have to join a union even if you don't want to. They'll take $4 a week off you to pay union bosses. That's even more tax.
The choice is up to employers and workers ? continue going forwards with National or go backwards with the others," said Mrs Shipley.