Labour Would Dash Dreams Of 21,000 Families

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

"A Labour-Alliance government would dash the home ownership dreams of over 21,000 families", Housing New Zealand Minister, Tony Ryall, said today.

"A survey just completed by HNZ (results attached) shows that over a third of HNZ's 60,000 tenants have indicated that they would like to buy their home under the Government's Home Buy scheme", said Mr Ryall.

"In addition 1,019 tenants are currently going through the Home Buy process and will become homeowners in the near future", said Mr Ryall.

"Labour-Alliance wants to kill the Home Buy Scheme. Labour's Housing Spokesman, Graham Kelly, told the Porirua News on 12 May 1999, that the Home-Buy scheme was 'undesirable'.

Mr Kelly is wrong, and around 24,000 families currently renting from HNZ agree.

"This Government will continue to strongly support HNZ tenants who wish to become home owners under the Home Buy scheme.

"The almost 3,000 families who have purchased under Home Buy now own a major asset that is likely to grow in value and will provide a solid base for their future security.

"We know from the hard-learned lessons of the past that private home ownership is a critical component of a strong community. Home Buy is a great way of getting home ownership into areas once totally dominated by state rental houses.

"Labour-Alliance policy on Home Buy would be a huge step backwards for thousands of low income families who just want to get ahead", Mr Ryall concluded.