Labour Stunt Just Grandstanding

  • Peter McCardle

Employment Minister Peter McCardle says Labour's decision to set up an "alternative" select committee hearing into the community wage legislation is just a stunt.

"Labour has a nerve jumping up and down about the duration of the official select committee meeting last Wednesday, as they had earlier agreed to the time being allotted to it when the committee's schedule of hearings was being planned.

"Such a stunt is completely unnecessary. No one will miss out having a say on the proposed law changes. Everyone who wanted to make an oral submission also made a written submission, and each of those submissions are now being considered by me, and the select committee members," he said.

There were 62 submissions. Only 4 people missed a chance at making an oral submission. Two of those live in the South Island, and would only speak to the committee if the hearing was to be held in the South Island. The other two lived in Wellington.

Mr McCardle said, "I am reading the written submissions this weekend. I have taken them home to read along with my other Ministerial papers. I am genuinely interested in getting feedback and am open to change if the changes are for the better."