Labour Stands Over Employers

  • Max Bradford

Proof of Labour's true intention to return to the dark days of heavy-handed union stand-over tactics was revealed during general debate in the House today.

"Labour MPs are leaning on individual employers, supplying their own MPs to boost picket lines and then offering those same MPs as mediators," Mr Bradford said. Mr Bradford produced a recent fax from MP Steve Maharey to an employer which urged a re-opening of collective contract negotiations and stated: " of our MPs is willing to act as a mediator. Mr Mark Goshe MP is on the picket line and is the person who is willing to provide the mediation. If he is not on the picket line he can be contacted at any time on 025 570899."

"What we have here is a Member of Parliament - Labour's spokesman on industrial relations - directly applying pressure on an employer and trying to intervene. God help us if Labour was in Government!

"The Labour Party wants to scrap the Employment Contracts Act which has produced rampant growth, equity and unprecedented industrial harmony, and return to the standover tactics of the old days which paralysed industry and crippled the economy. This fax just shows the depth of their commitment to that end," Mr Bradford said.

"Labour wants to promote collective contracts when half of the nations workforce are on individual contracts, almost all employees in companies of less than 100 workers are on individual contracts and the number of multi-employer collective contracts has dropped to 7 %.

"Labour wants to go against the tide of choice."

Since the Employment Contracts Act was introduced:

227,800 new jobs have been created
unemployment has decreased from 10% to 6.6%
wages have increased faster than prices
the number of work days lost through industrial disputes has plummeted and workplace satisfaction has risen overwhelmingly
more people are training
the value of New Zealanders work, their output of goods and services, has risen 19%. Before the ECA it was falling.