Labour Party Shows True Colours

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Revenue

"Helen Clark's announcement this morning that she will abolish the Employment Contracts Act is the first honest admission from Labour that they are still a party controlled by the trade union movement," said Hon David Carter, Associate Minister of Revenue.

"Labour wants to take New Zealand backwards to the days when we had regimented labour law, low pay rates and frequent strikes. This should strike fear into the heart of every working New Zealander."

Mr Carter said Helen Clark's admission on Morning Report today that the ECA would be repealed was, despite her assurances, an "anti business and anti productivity" message.

"Labour's record on employment is clear. When they were last in office New Zealand suffered a loss of around 500 jobs per week. Under National and the Employment Contracts Act more than 600 jobs per week have been created."

"The Employment Contracts Act is now appreciated by the workforce. It allows workers to negotiate better deals with their employers, and its flexibility has improved national productivity."

"Repealing the ECA is all about giving power back to the unions, and is nothing to do with improving the wages and working conditions of New Zealanders."