• Murray McCully
Accident Insurance

"Labour's announcement that it would restore a state monopoly makes a very clear point of difference on ACC between the Coalition Government and Labour," said ARCI Minister Murray McCully and Associate Minister Deborah Morris.

"It is ironic that while Labour has spent its time in opposition highlighting complaints about services delivered by the ARCI Corporation that Michael Cullen and Ruth Dyson now promise a return to a monopoly system," the Ministers said.

"Labour is out of step. They propose that the 540,900 employers and self-employed as well as the 1.7M employees individually affected in the past by poor accident prevention and poor rehabilitation will have the benefits of the Government's changes arbitrarily and retrospectively removed."

"For Labour to fulfil its promise, it would have to legislate to force employers back into a state monopoly to the detriment of employers and their employees.

"The Government's Budget commitment to allow employers and self-employed to shop around for their workplace accident insurer has been widely applauded during the past month for providing just the incentive ARCI Corporation needs to lift its game," said the Ministers.