Labour MP Irresponsible & Inflammatory, says Minister of Police

  • Jack Elder

Mr Hawkins is misleading the public with his inflammatory and irresponsible comments in recent days about the independent review of Police announced on April 6, the Minister of Police, the Hon Jack Elder, said today.

"The purpose of this review is to optimise the Police's contribution to community safety by ensuring the most cost effective administrative management structures are in place.

"The focus is on delivering a better level of service to the community in a more cost effective way and front-line services are the least likely to be affected.

"Mr Hawkins also knows that the reviewers are not due to report back to Government until May 31st and that any comment about possible recommendations before then is entirely speculative."

Mr Elder says Mr Hawkins' comments are inflammatory and irresponsible, raising unnecessary fears within the community and also with Police staff way before any recommendations have been made.

"I want to reassure the public of New Zealand, and Police staff, that no changes will be made until the review is complete and that the result should be better service."