Labour Misleading Rural People Over Producer Board Evolution

  • John Luxton
Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control

"Labour are trying to mislead farmers and growers on producer board evolution," Food and Fibre Minister John Luxton said today.

"Today Helen Clark alleged that I was a "proponent of extreme reform", and had made "all manner of threats and deadlines". Yes I have stated that change is necessary, Yes I do support evolutionary change and have been saying so for many months. Yes I do support asking the Boards how they are going to put more money in farmer and growers bank accounts for the money they take out. Clearly the Labour Party don't.

On dates, there has only been one date and that was 6 months from the Budget ie 15 November, for the Boards to have their plans in. That's reasonable isn't it?

"But I challenge Ms Clark to justify her allegations with facts not empty slogans - specific quotes and the date of the so called "all manner of threats and deadlines."

"And if Helen Clark alleges that I am a "proponent of extreme reform" then Labours own Jim Sutton is as well.

"Just three months ago on the 19 August this year Jim Sutton said when asked "do you believe in the single seller? - I have never been a great devotee of it myself". On 8 Feb 1990, Straight Furrow reported Sutton as saying "if someone advocates change in the producer boards, it is not an extraordinary thing, it is simply responding to reality

I know Jim supports the opportunity that this government is giving to rural New Zealand, but he has been beaten by the urban Labour Party caucus and the Alliance who want to nationalise the Producer Boards assets and have more interference from Wellington politicians.

"Labour are trying to mislead people on this issue They should treat rural people with more respect. Our rural people deserve this opportunity to look at how the producer boards can improve their incomes," Mr Luxton concluded.