Labour Limp on Law and Order

  • Jack Elder

Labour's traditional limp approach to law and order is perfectly demonstrated by its police spokesperson's reaction to a police drug raid in Otara, Police Minister Jack Elder said today.

"George Hawkins moaned that the Police caused excessive damage when raiding a well-known drug dealing house near a school on Monday. He said Police officers were 'gung ho', 'out of control' and 'totally over the top'.

"Damage occurred when a person was barricaded in the toilet, apparantly flushing away drugs, and Police took totally appropriate action in the circumstances. A considerable amount of drugs was seized in the raid, and a person arrested.

"I am sure all sane people who have the interests of the community at heart will be outraged by Labour's apparent concern for the rights of drug dealers over the rights of law abiding members of the public.

"Mr Hawkins' attack on the Police is a totally unfounded slur on their professionalism, and vividly demonstrates Labour's hand-wringing, liberal academic approach to real problems in the community."