• Wyatt Creech
Deputy Prime Minister

"If the overwhelming majority of citizens vote for a particular course of action it is arrogant to ignore it," Deputy Prime Minister Wyatt Creech said today in condemning Helen Clark's statement that she would not act on a referendum to reduce the number of MPs.

"Helen Clark is hiding behind a Select Committee review of MMP which would see politicians deciding on what should happen to MMP rather than the general public.

"What the voters think doesn't count - that's the clear message from Labour Leader Helen Clark today.

"I am astounded at the arrogance of her stance and not being prepared to listen to what ordinary New Zealanders think.

"While Citizen Initiated Referenda are not binding, they are there for a reason - to give people a chance to be heard. They have to be very persuasive especially if approved by a large margin. Labour has decided to ignore the people's will on this matter."