Labour Just Can't Accept The Facts

  • Max Bradford
Associate Minister of Local Government

Labour is arrogantly ignoring the facts in its campaign to discourage electricity consumers from enjoying lower power prices, Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford said today.

Mr Bradford said Labour MP Peter Hodgson's rejection of a study showing 55 per cent or almost one million consumers arepaying, or can choose to pay, lower power prices than they paid more than a year ago, revealed Labour's real agenda.

"Another 20 per cent have had no increase in their power prices.

"Mr Hodgson has claimed the figures are incorrect because they do not include costs consumers would face if they chose to switch retail company.

"Mr Hodgson is wrong again. He is prepared to ignore and distort the facts in his campaign to misinform the public of New Zealand.

"The Ministry of Commerce has confirmed today that consumers who want to switch companies for a better deal can do so free of charge," Mr Bradford said.

"Connection and disconnection charges only apply where consumers actually want to disconnect their supply because they are shifting house or the like. Where consumers simply change retailer these charges do not apply.

"Similarly, final meter reading charges do not apply, unless a special meter reading is required. Normally however, changeover between suppliers takes place at the next meter reading or bill, and no special meter reading charges apply, the Ministry confirmed."

Mr Bradford said the facts were clear.

"The reforms have delivered greater choice and lower prices. The majority of New Zealanders are already seeing the benefits, which will be more widespread as power supplier competition increases.

"Labour would rather play politics than see living costs go down," Mr Bradford said.