Labour Hypocritical Over Housing Ghetto

  • Murray McCully

Minister responsible for Housing New Zealand Murray McCully has accused Labour Housing spokesperson Graham Kelly of "rank hypocrisy" over the sale of the Madeleine-Esperance block in Auckland's eastern suburbs.

"Mr Kelly is the first to criticise sub-standard housing. This block is one of the worst in New Zealand. I simply do not expect New Zealanders to live in those conditions.

"The houses are poorly designed and poorly constructed.

"To create a whole block of them is to design a ghetto. As far as I am concerned they can't get the bulldozers in fast enough.

"Mr Kelly can save his crocodile tears. All but 5 of the tenants have been relocated by Housing New Zealand, many in a brand new development at Chapel Park. And Mr Kelly might like to note that the developer of the Madeleine-Esperance block has an obligation to offer new properties in the development to Housing New Zealand to further boost their available stocks.