• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

Research, Science and Technology Minister Maurice Williamson has welcomed Labour's Science policy as an endorsement of the Government's recently announced Bright Future package.

"Where their policy is specific, they are clearly copying Bright Future, but the rest of it is extremely vague and unclear, similar to a number of their other policies."

"They talk about encouraging school leavers into the science sector. This was a major pillar of the Bright Future package with our new bursary scholarships where we will be targeting the top students in maths, science and technology."

"Their Science and Innovation Council looks like another direct copy of the Innovate New Zealand Council we established in Bright Future."

"Labour also seem to be copying our Incubator programme, which will help researchers move their work into business ventures."

Mr Williamson said the major difference between the two parties was that National had fully costed its policy.

"It's all very well for Labour to talk about further tax incentives, which is something we are looking at, but before they commit, they must tell the voting public where this money is coming from. My guess would be through even more tax increases," said Mr Williamson.